PTFC - Level 1
Practical Theatrical Firearms Course 
Open to professionals
In the Theatrical/Film & Television Industry
(You dont need to be a stunt artist to attend)
(2 x Level Course)
SUNDAY 4th Sept

(Limited Numbers)



PTFC - Level 1

SUNDAY 18th Septembers 2022 
 (Limited to 6 members attending) 

PTFC uses real firearms with blank 
full front venting weapons systems

Raising the bar on safety in the industry 



                                               HIGH FALL DAY

                                   SUNDAY 25th SEPTEMBER
.                                               IVER HEATH
                                       Fee: £125 per person
               British Stunt Register Coordinator in attendance.
                             Stunt air bag . Multi jump levels
             Multiple weapons attached to tower for practicing 
                             bullet or arrow hits safely into falls.
.                              Beginners to advanced can attend.



Teaching fire safety is the cornerstone to performing fire Safely.  All our instructors have worked as fire safety crew on professional productions. All have been on fire, Some acredited with over 200 fire burns in their careers. You will be shown where accelerants can and shouldn’t be used on the body. The environment, weather conditions that should be taken into consideration.The use of zel gel as a protective barrier. The proper safe technique for using fire extinguishers. You will of course experience being set on fire. The ultimate exciting stunt. 
We have a 100% safety record.



This course will allow you to see your strengths and identify any combat skills you may need to work on going forward. The emphasis is not only on learning to use these weapons/skills, but also performing them to camera.  We can advice on the do’s and dont’s, etiquette and working procedures on set. Hopefully you will leave with the correct mindset going forward which will help you on your career. All our instructors are high level BSR members or experts in their field within the industry. Performed on Productions like Game of Thrones, Robin Hood, Gladiator, Snow white & the Huntsman, Kick-Ass, Batman Begins, Dark Knight to name a few.


High Fall

As a stunt performer you may have to perform falls from buildings, structures, helicopters or moving vehicles. Landing on a stunt air bag, stunt boxes, crash mats or even the hard ground. Training and honing awareness will help you to perform safely. Other courses and abilities like trampolining, gymnastics will help with achieving those stunts. Air bag days start you from lower levels working up to greater heights on the day. Reaction from bullet or arrow hits will be introduced, and how to sell this to camera. This will allow you to portray a believable character for film or television Productions.

Air Ram

Air Rams have been utilised for action scenes on film and television productions with great success over the years. The technique for their use like any skill has to be worked on and honed to get the best results. Front, backwards, sideways and acrobatic dismounts can be achieved with practice. Performers will be run through the basic principles of this equipment. How it is designed to achieve the results we require for film. In addition to the air ram we will have a spring board and trampete section to learn the differences of the launch given by each piece of apparatus that you may be required to use on a job, and where each can be utilised to its best within a production.

Wire Work

Stunt wire work like all skills needs practice to master. Our courses will educate on the best way to perform aerial stunts. The does and dont’s. The safety put in place to safe guard you and other production members. We have the largest supply of stunt harnesses available to attendees. A large selection of new jerk vests (30 plus) X small to XXX large. For those that dont have their own yet. Safety helmets are available. We would always recommend a stunt artist to invest in their own Jerk vest when possible. In addition we have swivel harnesses for somersaults, cartwheel harnesses and a giro harness for the ultimate zero gravity effects. Professional highly qualified stunt riggers will always be employed to rig. Safety crash mats supplied for all areas if required. 


You will be taught by ex military forces personnel who will introduce you to hand guns and assault rifles, military equipment and tactics. Taught the Safety that is inherent in using these weapons. Then taken through military drills, close contact/room clearance techniques. How to use these weapons within a television/film production so you can accurately portray highly trained military personnel. Additionally you will be taught disarms and stunt take downs.

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